Chicago Police Department Reports Decrease in Shootings and Murders in 2023, Despite Rise in Other Crimes

CHICAGO, IL – The Chicago Police Department released its end-of-year crime statistics on New Year’s Day, showing a decrease in shootings and murders despite an increase in other crimes across the city.

While Chicago celebrated the beginning of 2024, the city saw its first homicide less than an hour into the new year. Three people were shot when gunfire tore through a window and struck them inside a home in the Greater Grand Crossing area, resulting in the death of a 53-year-old man.

According to initial data, Chicago police reported a decrease in certain types of violent crime throughout the past year. The number of shooting incidents dropped by nearly 18%, with the number of gunshot victims down as well. Additionally, murders in the city decreased by more than 12% in comparison to the previous year.

Roseanna Ander from the University of Chicago Crime Lab remarked on the significance of the 12% decrease in murders, emphasizing the impact it has on families and the community. She also highlighted the University of Chicago Crime Lab’s report, which found that Black Chicagoans are 20 times more likely to become victims of crime than white Chicagoans.

In contrast to the decrease in shootings and murders, the statistics indicated an increase in robberies and vehicle-related arrests over the past year. However, robbery arrests and arrests for car thefts both saw an increase as well.

The Chicago Police Department emphasized that the statistics were preliminary and that final numbers would be released on Tuesday.

In conclusion, despite the decrease in shootings and murders, the rise in other crimes such as robberies and vehicle-related arrests in Chicago underscores the ongoing challenges the city faces in ensuring the safety and security of its residents. The release of the final crime statistics will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the crime trends in the city.