Change Advocate, Krystal Gonzalez, Revisits Night of Daughter’s Tragic Death and Calls for Legal Reform

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – The mother of Aaliyah Gonzalez has been advocating for change since her daughter’s tragic death in the Brooklyn Day mass shooting. Krystal Gonzalez sat down with Fox45’s Vincent Hill to share her story and discuss the need for action in the wake of the devastating event.

Gonzalez vividly recalled the night her daughter was killed, emphasizing the urgent need for change in the community. Despite arrests made in connection to the shooting, no one has been charged with Aaliyah’s murder, leaving her mother frustrated and seeking justice.

She expressed concerns about a perceived mismanagement of resources, citing the fact that some of the offenders at Brooklyn Day were wearing ankle monitors at the time of the shooting. Gonzalez is calling for a comprehensive approach to addressing juvenile violence, starting with education in schools to prevent gun violence.

As the next legislative session approaches, Gonzalez emphasized the need for immediate changes to address juvenile violence. She highlighted the absence of gun violence prevention education in schools, calling for it to be written into law.

The tragic loss of Aaliyah Gonzalez has brought her mother to the forefront of advocating for legislative changes to address juvenile violence and promote gun violence prevention education in schools. With the community still grappling with the impact of the Brooklyn Day mass shooting, the call for action is urgent and necessary to prevent similar tragedies in the future. Several juveniles and two 18-year-olds have been arrested in connection to the shooting, offering some accountability but leaving Aaliyah’s family still seeking justice.