Burger Chef Building Connected to Heinous Crime to be Demolished for Dental Office

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – The former Burger Chef building on Crawfordsville Road in Speedway, Indiana, is set to be demolished. While the building has seen various tenants over the years, its history is linked to a tragic crime that shook the Indianapolis area in 1978. It was the site of the abduction and subsequent murder of four young workers, a case that remains unsolved to this day.

The building, located just a short distance from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, will be replaced by a dental office, according to town officials. This decision comes after several failed attempts to redevelop the space, with shops opening and closing within short periods of time.

Forty-five years ago, the building was where four young fast-food workers were abducted and later found dead in a Johnson County field. The assistant manager, Jayne Friedt, was stabbed, while two other workers, Daniel Davis and Ruth Shelton, were shot in the back of their heads. A fourth worker, Mark Flemmonds, died choking on his own blood.

Former Speedway police officer, Bill Jones, highlighted how the building serves as a constant reminder of the tragic events that unfolded there. The case still haunts the community, and the decision to demolish the building brings mixed emotions to those familiar with its history.

The Burger Chef building, once part of a now-defunct fast-food chain, has stood as a symbol of the unresolved crime. Despite attempts to revitalize the space, its dark past has continued to overshadow any new endeavors. The upcoming demolition marks the end of an era for a building that holds a painful chapter in the town’s history.

The former Burger Chef building in Speedway, Indiana, linked to the unsolved abduction and murder of four young workers in 1978, is set to be demolished and replaced by a dental office. The decision comes after years of unsuccessful attempts to redevelop the space, with the tragic history of the building overshadowing any new business ventures.