Body still missing: Chilling details lead to husband’s arrest

Houston, Texas – The search for a missing Texas woman has taken a grim turn as authorities now believe she is dead. Crystal Lynch, a 34-year-old mother of two, vanished on May 6 after she was last seen with her husband, Marquise Rochard Glasper, in their Houston townhome. Glasper, 37, has now been charged with his wife’s murder, tampering with a human corpse, and possession of a firearm by a felon. Despite intensive efforts, Lynch’s body has not yet been found.

The case took a dark turn when Lynch’s 16-year-old daughter grew concerned about her mother’s well-being. She became suspicious after receiving text messages that didn’t match her mother’s usual style of communication. According to court documents, the daughter noted that the texts were written in “short slang words” and seemed more consistent with her stepfather’s writing style. The daughter also revealed that Glasper had allegedly assaulted Lynch in the past, pointing to a history of violence in their relationship.

Authorities have labeled Lynch’s disappearance as “highly suspicious” since she was the primary caregiver for her two daughters and her consistent communication with them. The investigation uncovered disturbing evidence inside the couple’s home. Blood-soaked underwear, bloodstains on sheets and pillows, and possible bleach drip stains on the bedroom wall all hinted at attempts to clean up a potential crime scene. Investigators also discovered potential bloodstains under the floorboard of the bed, suggesting significant blood loss.

In addition to the physical evidence, witness statements and text messages further implicate Glasper in Lynch’s disappearance. According to police, Glasper posed as his wife in text messages to a friend, attempting to gather information about an alleged affair. Lynch’s daughter also told detectives that her stepfather had made threats against her mother’s life in the past if he discovered she was cheating on him. Glasper’s previous criminal record, including a conviction for aggravated robbery, adds another layer of concern to the case.

As the investigation continues, Glasper remains in custody. His bond has been set at $400,000, but prosecutors plan to request an increase to $1 million. Despite the mounting evidence against him, Glasper’s attorney has not yet been identified, and no official statement has been made on his behalf.

The search for Crystal Lynch’s remains and the full details surrounding her mysterious disappearance and alleged murder continue to haunt investigators. The community remains deeply disturbed by the disturbing evidence found in the couple’s home and the tragic fate that may have befallen a loving mother and wife.