Biden WH Officials Shirking Law for Ideology

Biden organization officials are transparently and perilously avoiding law and order and the Constitution, jeopardizing democracy, former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard said on Monday.

“When we lose the rule of law, when influential people in our nation never again respect the rule of law, then, at that point, we lose our democracy,” Gabbard told “The Record With Greta Van Susteren,” highlighting the absence of condemnation of threats and terrorizing of Supreme Court justices.

“That is precisely what’s at stake here.”

Gabbard rebuked Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for his case that public officials, including moderate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, ought to anticipate fights after Roe v. Wade was overturned on widespread abortion rights, kicking the law back to the states.

“I disagree with him, particularly in this situation,” Gabbard told Van Susteren. “Indeed, as public officials, as community workers, you are likely to dissent or some likeness thereof. However, what Pete Buttigieg is neglecting to perceive is the law 1507 that straightforwardly applies explicitly to judges that makes this intimidation and harassment and attempts to impact the judge illegal— whether that intimidation is going on beyond their home or a town hall or any building that that judge is situated.

“Furthermore, I believe that truly goes to the core of how risky this truly is, Greta, and how serious the American public needs to take this danger to our democratic government.

“Since we have individuals in extreme situations in our administration who are saying that since they disagree with the choices of the Supreme Court, throwing out law and order is OK.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s absence of prosecuting violation of U.S. Code 1507 is “basically setting a bounty” on justices, notwithstanding his empty talk to the safety of justices, as per Gabbard.

The attorney general can express out loud anything that he wishes, yet his activities demonstrates otherwise” Gabbard said. The way that this record that is setting an abundance out for any data to pursue any Supreme Court equity, in addition to the fact that that is an immediate security danger, this is the type of thing that is unlawful. They’re attempting to threaten and badger and impact these appointed authorities.

“What’s more, as far as anyone is concerned, I have not yet seen the attorney general of the United States authorize this administrative regulation, not exclusively to protect the safety and security of our Supreme Court judges, yet to maintain the law to ensure that this third part of government is shielded from the sort of impact and terrorizing and politicizing that we want to ensure that they are free from.”

Gabbard likewise criticized Congress for passing a regulation to protect judges without straightforwardly subsidizing their security.

It truly is dampening to see that there are such large numbers of these individuals in Congress and the Biden organization who are not seriously treating this matter because they can’t help contradicting the legislative issues, Gabbard said. Furthermore, politicizing these establishments, politicizing the Department of Justice to pursue your approval as opposed to zeroing in on maintaining the law — once more, this goes to the core of what compromises our democratic government.

Furthermore, it’s a joke that they haven’t given any financing to the wellbeing and security of all those Supreme Court judges. It’s a horrible day, and it’s a horrible day for our democratic government.

Gabbard added that Congress was too delayed even to consider coming to the judges’ defense with the bill that was passed — “after many weeks” — without security financing. If something happens to equity, Congress will be “culpable,” she added.

“God forbid anything occurs, they will be guilty in that sense they have neglected to take care of their business,” Gabbard said. It is no big surprise the American public has no confidence in the United States Congress and its ability to serve the public’s interest and maintain and uphold and protect the Constitution.

“I think individuals are recently disappointed that the people they chose to serve them are not serving in their interest,” she closed.