Assault Guilty Verdict: Kingston Man Convicted on 9 Counts of Violent Crimes

Kingston, Ontario – A man from Kingston, Ontario, has been convicted on nine charges, including assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, and uttering death threats against his former partner. Paul John MacDonald, 47, appeared at Kingston’s Ontario Court of Justice where he was found guilty on multiple counts related to incidents involving his ex-partner, Sabrina L’Heureux.

The majority of the charges against MacDonald stem from a violent altercation that took place on September 4, 2021, involving L’Heureux. During the court proceedings, L’Heureux testified that MacDonald repeatedly hit her, causing cuts to her arm and calf. She bravely fought back by using pepper spray and ultimately managed to escape the situation. Prior to MacDonald’s arrest in 2022, L’Heureux had been living in fear for her safety and that of her child for a year.

In addition to the assault charges, MacDonald was also found guilty of possession of a knife for a dangerous purpose, stealing L’Heureux’s cellphone, and uttering death threats. Another incident in March 2020 resulted in charges of threatening to use a weapon during an assault and uttering a death threat. The final count MacDonald faced was for harassing L’Heureux between the two major incidents, causing ongoing fear for her safety.

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that MacDonald’s defense claimed a lottery win in 2020 may have sparked one of the clashes due to a financial dispute. However, Justice Larry O’Brien dismissed this explanation, noting that MacDonald’s testimony was unreliable and far-fetched. The judge emphasized that L’Heureux’s testimony was credible, and the Crown had effectively disproved MacDonald’s claims of self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt.

Following the guilty verdict, lawyers involved in the case are scheduled to convene on March 27 to determine a date for MacDonald’s sentencing. The conviction serves as a significant development in the legal battle between MacDonald and L’Heureux, highlighting the importance of holding perpetrators of domestic violence accountable for their actions.