Arrest Made in San Antonio Double-Crime Spree: Andrew Valadez Linked to Shooting and Armed Robbery on Same Day

San Antonio, Texas – A 27-year-old man, Andrew Valadez, was apprehended by San Antonio Police for his involvement in a shooting and an armed robbery that occurred on September 17, 2023. In a series of violent events, Valadez allegedly shot and pistol-whipped a man during an altercation, and later engaged in an armed robbery with another individual.

According to police reports, the altercation began when Valadez and a 47-year-old man were involved in an argument that escalated into a physical confrontation, leading Valadez to pull out a gun and assault the man. Despite bystanders intervening to stop the attack, Valadez proceeded to shoot a 35-year-old man in the chest, inflicting life-threatening injuries before continuing the assault.

As the first victim was rushed to the hospital, Valadez fled the scene. The condition of the 35-year-old man remains unknown at this time. Additionally, Valadez faces charges related to an armed robbery that occurred on the same day, where he and an unknown assailant chased and pistol-whipped a 44-year-old victim, demanding his belongings in a parking lot altercation.

Investigators were able to identify Valadez through video surveillance footage. It was revealed that Valadez had previously served time in prison for a Family Assault charge, being released just seven months prior to the violent incidents on September 17. The apprehension of Valadez highlights the ongoing efforts of law enforcement to address and prevent violent crimes in the community.