Abandoned Dogs Found Living in Feces-Ridden Kentucky Home

Louisville, Kentucky – Eight dogs were found abandoned in a Louisville, Kentucky home, which was described as being brimming with feces. The horrifying condition of the home, as detailed in court records, included a large hole clawed into the wall and feces and dirt covering the window sills and the ceiling. The distressing situation was brought to light after concerned neighbors reported the issue to local authorities.

Vallary Amato, a 52-year-old woman, was arrested after the discovery of the dogs living among the waste, which were piled several feet high. The home belonged to Amato’s son and his boyfriend, and she was supposed to be caring for the dogs, only stopping by once a week to feed them. Both the pets and the house appeared to have been abandoned for months, according to the neighbors.

Animal control officers from the Louisville Metro Animal Services were sent to the residence several times, but nobody appeared to be home. Eventually, in November, one of the owners agreed to let the shelter employees remove the dogs from the house. Amato was arraigned on eight counts of animal cruelty and one violation of the Metro Louisville ordinance.

The dogs were removed from the home, cleaned, and placed with foster families. Amato was ordered not to have any contact with animals. It is not clear whether the couple who owns the home will also be charged.

This heartbreaking incident sheds light on the importance of responsible pet ownership and the need for proper intervention to prevent such neglect and abuse in the future. The swift action of the neighbors and local authorities highlights the significance of community involvement in the protection of vulnerable animals.