67-Year-Old Man Gunned Down at Grandson’s Birthday Party

Police are pursuing two potentially underage suspects in connection with a shooting that occurred during an 18-year-old birthday celebration in southeast Houston early on Sunday. The incident, which resulted in the death of a 67-year-old man, took place at a residence in the Meadowbrook neighborhood.

Police say the party started to circulate on social media and uninvited. People started turning up at his home in southeast Houston on Sunday. A dispute between uninvited partygoers escalated into a shooting, leaving Filiberto Puente dead and a female attendee injured. The female was shot in the foot.

The shooting happened around 1 a.m. on Juliabora Street. Upon arriving at the scene, police discovered Puente’s lifeless body inside the residence. The injured female attendee was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital, and her age has not been disclosed.

Police say around 60 to 70 individuals were present at the birthday party, which was being held for the victim’s grandson, Michael Sanchez. Witnesses report that a fight broke out between some girls, and a man believed to be related to one of the females started shooting. The police believe that there were two shooters.

Upon arrival, the police found several individuals with firearms in their possession. These individuals were detained, and some of them may face charges in connection with the incident. Additionally, one person was arrested a few blocks from the crime scene and is currently being questioned by authorities.

According to Sanchez, his grandfather played a significant role in his upbringing, making Puente’s death even more devastating. It will be tragically disappointing for Sanchez not to be able to celebrate his 18th birthday and graduation with his grandfather. He is beyond shocked that this has happened.

Investigations into the shooting are ongoing, and police are actively looking for the two potential underage suspects. The motive behind the shooting and the identities of the suspects have not been disclosed by law enforcement at this time.

Law enforcement will continue their efforts to bring justice in this case as the community mourns the loss of Filiberto Puente.