Jim Jordan Threatens To Defund The FBI And The DOJ – Everyone Needs To Be Concern

According to Jim Jordan, Trump’s indictment is about going after everybody who opposes the agenda of the left and the establishment.
Jordan has threatened to defund the FBI and DOJ for interfering in the election. On Sunday, the House Judiciary Committee chairman, Jim Jordan, vowed to defund any federal agency that engages in election tampering, alleging that the FBI and DOJ had done just that in their relentless pursuit of former President Trump.

Jordan declared on Fox News that he aims to lay the facts on the table. This is the case for various topics where agencies they believe have turned against the American people they intend to represent.

Jordan said that you lay out the facts and then consider legislation, adding that it is their duty to be legislators, and their responsibility is to pass legislation. Jordan said they are going to examine what is happening.
Jordan reminded viewers that they control the purse strings, so they will have to examine the appropriations process and limit funding to some of these agencies, especially the ones engaging in the most egregious activity.

Maria Bartiromo, the host, interrupted, asking if he was talking about the DOJ and the FBI. Jordan’s response was Yeah. Jordan said that he would honestly prefer the government to remain out of the electoral process. He then went on to describe how these agencies have targeted Trump. Explaining that the agencies have spied on Trump’s 2016 campaign. Adding that in 2018, there was the Mueller inquiry. Jordan said that in 2020, they repressed the Hunter Biden narrative.

Jordan said that in 2022, they raided Trump’s residence 91 days before an election. Now, right before the 2024 election debates start, they indict the former president and leading candidate for the presidential nomination.

Jordan recommended just letting ‘We, The People’ decide “who we want to elect” and remain out of the voting process. Jordan emphasized that this issue transcends Trump, stating that what is happening affects “all of us.” Jordan added that he does not believe it’s a coincidence. What are the odds of the IRS knocking on Matt Taibbi’s door the same week he testified before Congress? The same week, they discovered that a district attorney, a left-wing district attorney financed by George Soros, would pursue a former president of the United States.

Jordan said the fact that they paid a foreigner was frightening. Consider this, among other things. They paid a foreigner to compile a phony dossier to spy on the Trump campaign. The FTC sends Twitter letters requesting the identities of journalists with whom it communicates. And then, of course, as Matt Taibbi is testifying, the IRS comes knocking on his door, and a former president, who is now winning in the polls, gets indicted.

“This pertains to everyone. This involves going after everyone who opposes the left’s and the establishment’s objectives, which is the scariest thing.

Afterward, Trump’s attorney James Trusty appeared on Fox News and indicated that the former president is worried that he is the first person to be exposed to this new type of upside-down justice and political persecution. According to Trusty, by letting the genie out of the bottle with this new form of prosecution, it will not return on its own. Trusty added that it would be an issue for generations, and he believes that Trump is well aware of that and strongly opposed to it.
Ultimately, “he’s frustrated for the country,” Trusty said of Trump.