Immigration Debate Shifts as Trump Highlights Tragic Cases of Murdered Women and Girls

Washington, DC – President Trump is intensifying his anti-immigration agenda by spotlighting cases of murdered women and girls involving alleged perpetrators who are immigrants. This focus aims to underscore Trump’s stance on tightening immigration policies to ensure the safety and security of Americans. The administration has seized upon these tragic incidents to bolster its argument … Read more

Perth Immigration Detainee Faces Charges for Violent Home Invasion

Perth, Australia – Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan, an immigration detainee, who was released from Yongah Hill Detention Centre, faces a series of charges following his release. The detainee, allowed to leave detention due to a High Court ruling, has appeared in court for breaching curfew conditions, drug offenses, and an alleged violent home invasion of an … Read more

Immigration Policies Under Fire After Maryland Mom’s Tragic Murder

Baltimore, Maryland – The tragic murder of Rachel Morin has stirred debate over U.S. immigration policies following the arrest of Victor Hernandez Martinez, a suspect in her rape and killing. Martinez Hernandez is set to be extradited to Maryland from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was apprehended. Rachel Morin, a mother of five, was found deceased … Read more

Immigration detainee brutally bashes Perth grandmother in violent home invasion: Police

Perth, Australia – A Perth grandmother, Ninette Simons, found herself in a horrifying ordeal when she was allegedly brutally attacked by a freed immigration detainee during a violent home invasion. The suspect, Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan from Kuwait, along with two accomplices, purportedly posed as police officers to gain entry into the Girrawheen home of the … Read more

Violence Against Women Epidemic Overlooked Amid Immigration Debate: Expert Analysis

Athens, Georgia – The tragic death of nursing student Laken Riley on the University of Georgia campus has shocked and saddened the community. The suspect, Jose Antonio Ibarra, has ignited a conversation about immigration and crime in the country. However, amidst the polarizing debate, the focus should not stray from the broader issue of violence … Read more

Guilty Verdict Reached for Raleigh Student Murder Case Involving Immigration Scam and Betrayal

RALEIGH, N.C. – A man has been convicted of murder in the tragic death of a Raleigh student in 2021. Erick Gael Hernandez-Mendez was charged by Raleigh police in connection with the killing of Christina Matos, a student at Wake Technical Community College. Matos’ body was discovered in her locked bedroom after her mother and … Read more

Georgia Governor Blames White House for UGA Student’s Tragic Death: Immigration Policy Failure led to Laken Riley’s Murder

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recently expressed outrage over the tragic death of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old student who was fatally attacked on the University of Georgia campus. Kemp pointed fingers at the White House, blaming the Biden administration’s immigration policies for allowing the alleged killer to evade detection. The governor emphasized the gravity of the … Read more

Immigration Policies Under Fire Following Suspect’s Arrest in Laken Riley Murder Case

Atlanta, Georgia – Following a press briefing by University of Georgia Police Chief Jeffrey Clark on Friday, it was revealed that the suspect in the murder of Laken Riley was not a U.S. citizen. This news quickly sparked controversy among Georgia politicians, who criticized federal immigration policies as contributing to the tragic event. Georgia Rep. … Read more

The Biden Administration Is Facilitating Human Trafficking

All eyes and cameras will be on New York as Alvin Bragg dives headfirst into a can of worms that no one needs or wants. Everyone from Glenn Beck to Greg Gutfeld has suggested that, in addition to being a political gimmick, the Trump indictment is a diversion from issues that should be of actual national concern. For example, the Biden administration’s immigration policies have aided human trafficking.

Biden Administration Takes A Page From Trump’s Immigration Handbook

Similar to a strategy used during the Trump administration, the Biden administration is suggesting tighter limits for asylum applicants. According to Biden Administration officials, the new regulation would prevent migrants who do not utilize legitimate avenues to seek asylum or otherwise seek asylum or protection in the countries they travel through.