Explosion amnesia: Dan Crenshaw’s oversight of KMCO incident raises concerns

Houston, Texas – Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas faced criticism for allegedly forgetting the KMCO explosion that occurred in his own district. Critics argue that Crenshaw failed to address the incident adequately, raising concerns about his commitment to the safety and well-being of his constituents. The KMCO explosion in Crosby, Texas, resulted in the death … Read more

Brother of Congressman Dan Kildee Identified as Victim in Genesee County Shooting Rampage

GENESEE COUNTY, Mich. – In a tragic turn of events, Timothy Kildee, the brother of Congressman Dan Kildee, has been identified as the victim of a shooting in Vienna Township. The suspect in custody is reportedly Timothy’s son, as confirmed by Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson. The stolen vehicle involved in the subsequent crash in … Read more

Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger Dies From Injuries After School Shooting

PERRY, Iowa – The Perry community is mourning the loss of longtime Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger, who tragically passed away from injuries sustained during a recent school shooting. Marburger was one of seven victims of the school shooter, who also took the life of an 11-year-old sixth grader, Ahmir Jolliff. The principal heroically … Read more

‘Alaskan Airlines Flight Disaster Imminent Due to FAA Oversight,’ Says Aviation Expert Dan Gryder

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – An aviation expert has raised concerns about the safety standards of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) after a recent incident involving an Alaska Airlines flight. The Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft experienced a door malfunction at 16,000 feet, prompting the FAA to ground similar planes for inspection. According to Dan Gryder, a YouTube … Read more

Tragic Hero: Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger Tries to Calm Shooter in Iowa School Shooting Event

PERRY, Iowa – Perry High School’s principal, Dan Marburger, showed incredible bravery during a tragic shooting at the school, trying to distract the shooter and protect students, according to his daughter’s Facebook post. The incident, which occurred Thursday morning, left five people injured, including Marburger, and tragically resulted in the death of a sixth-grade student … Read more