Iraqi Army Checkpoint Attack Leaves Six Soldiers Dead and More Wounded

Baghdad, Iraq – A recent terrorist attack on an Iraqi army checkpoint has left a tragic toll on the soldiers stationed between Diyala and Saladin Governorates. According to a security source, the assault resulted in more casualties, with one of the eight wounded individuals succumbing to their injuries. The death toll now stands at six, … Read more

Gunmen Kill Six Policemen in Attack on Ebonyi Police Checkpoint

EBONYI, Nigeria – In Ebonyi, Nigeria, a tragic incident unfolded as suspected gunmen carried out an attack on a police checkpoint, resulting in the deaths of six policemen. The assailants targeted the officers stationed at the checkpoint, leading to a devastating loss in the local law enforcement community. The attack took place in a region … Read more

Robbery Gang Member Shot Dead by Anambra State Police During Checkpoint Confrontation

IGBOUKWU, ANAMBRA STATE, NIGERIA – An unidentified member of a four-man robbery gang was fatally shot by Anambra State Police Command operatives after pulling out a pistol in an attempt to shoot the officers at a checkpoint. The incident occurred in the Igboukwu community in Aguata Local Government Area. The remaining three members of the … Read more

Israeli Police Open Fire, Fatally Shooting Young Palestinian Girl at West Bank Checkpoint

JERUSALEM, Israel (AP) — Israeli police opened fire on Sunday at a pair of suspected attackers who rammed their car into a West Bank checkpoint. The incident led to the fatal shooting of a young Palestinian girl in a nearby vehicle, according to the local police and medical officials. The suspects were also shot, and … Read more