Explosive Device Hospitalizes Man at New Jersey Park: Father and Son Arrested in Connection

MANVILLE, NEW JERSEY – A father and son in Manville, New Jersey have been taken into custody following an incident involving an explosive device at a local park that left a man hospitalized. Thomas Kaiser, 60, and his son Erich, 28, have been charged in connection with the explosion that occurred on Saturday night, according to the Manville Police Department.

The tragic incident unfolded at Cooper Street Park, where a video captured a man igniting the explosive device before fleeing the scene. The explosion, initially thought to be homemade fireworks, was later identified as a signal cannon designed to produce a loud noise and smoke cloud upon detonation. The blast sent shrapnel into a 34-year-old man’s chest, causing serious injuries that required emergency medical attention.

Witnesses described a scene of chaos and carnage, likening it to a war movie with blood and debris scattered throughout the park. In addition to the victim’s injuries, the explosion caused damage to nearby homes and vehicles parked in close proximity to the party. As of now, there have not been any updates on the injured man’s condition.

This is not the first time Thomas Kaiser has faced legal trouble related to explosives. In a separate incident in 2019, he was involved in disposing of homemade explosives near his residence in South Plainfield, leading to the cancellation of a local Labor Day parade due to security concerns. Kaiser later pleaded guilty to the charges in 2020 and received a sentence of probation for his actions.

Both Kaiser and his son are now facing charges of aggravated assault, possession of an explosive device, and criminal mischief in connection with the recent explosion at Cooper Street Park. The authorities are actively investigating the incident to determine the full extent of the damages caused and the circumstances surrounding the detonation of the signal cannon.