2 Arrested For Operating A Secret Chinese Police Station In N.Y., DOJ Has More Names

Two people have been arrested in Manhattan’s Chinatown for allegedly running a Chinese “secret police station.” Authorities said Monday that two men were arrested for assisting the Chinese government in establishing a secret remote police station in New York City. Three dozen Chinese national police officers have been charged with harassing dissidents inside the United States using social media.

Speculation Runs Wild Over Potential Running Mate For Trump

According to Trump insiders, the former president will select a vice presidential candidate who is “ideologically aligned” with him, has “charisma,” and is “loyal.” The former president has indicated that “a lot of people” are “auditioning” behind the scenes for the position of Trump’s vice president. However, no formal discussions have narrowed the candidate pool.

The Trump Campaign Monetize The Indictment

After being charged by a Manhattan grand jury, the former president has switched his narrative, focusing his post-arraignment statement at Mar-a-Lago on the other legal charges hanging over him. Others close to Trump claimed such rhetoric would continue throughout his campaign and that further “B.S. indictments” would benefit the campaign politically.

23 Years After The FDA Approved Mifepristone For Abortion, A Federal Judge Is Removing It

A Texas federal judge ruled on Friday that the Food and Drug Administration failed to follow proper procedures when approving abortion pills responsible for approximately half of all abortions performed on women in the United States. Consequently, mifepristone will be removed from the FDA’s approved list of pharmaceuticals to induce chemical abortions.

China Blasts Meeting Between Tsai and McCarthy

In a meeting with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen on U.S. soil, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and 18 members of Congress showed their support for Taiwan. McCarthy has said that U.S. support is “unwavering.” Air Force One was the backdrop for an afternoon news conference at former President Ronald Reagan’s presidential library in Simi Valley, … Read more