Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz Caters to Customer’s Fashion Needs and Preferences

Brick and mortar clothing retail outlets have experienced serious declines in the wake of consumer purchasing migrations to online giants such as Amazon.com. Price conscious customers are able to use stores to try on the outfits that they purchase at large discounts from web-based retailers.


By tightly coupled integration between its retail outlets and eCommerce store, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics makes effective, competitive use of reverse showrooming. The internet-based athleisure wear startup offers a unique, high-quality product-line supported by profile-based, personalized fashion technologies.


New members fill out a Lifestyle Quiz that matches their responses with the company’s offerings best suited to their needs. Members receive several benefits proportional to the level of their profile completion. Promotional offerings, a personal monthly boutique newsletter and styles matched to the member’s tastes and preferences are only a few of the benefits available to quiz completers.


When a member walks into one of Fabletics’ retail stores, the mobile application takes note of the outfits that the customer tries on to offer a non-invasive reminder to the customer at a later time. With between 30 and 50 percent of customers entering one of the stores already being a member, customers experience a sense of strong matching between their preferences and the selections that they are recommended.


Hudson states that because of the way that the Fabletics purchasing works, that it makes no difference whether the customer buys the item in the store or from their website.


General manager, Gregg Throgmartin points out that it is the firm’s membership model that enables them to deliver personalized offerings and latest trends and fashion styles to their customers at less than one-half the price of their competitors.


This technique has worked well for this new online fashion retailer.


In the slightly more than 3 years since it was founded, Fabletics membership has grown to over 1.2 million and is increasing daily. The company’s highly-effective membership-based sales strategy has been responsible for its recent revenue growth of 43 percent. This year the firm anticipates upwards of $250 million in sales.


Fabletics expects to add 12 additional retail outlets to its 22 in California, Florida, Hawaii and Illinois.




Fabletics was founded n 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson. The online clothing retailer offers outstanding-quality activewear to support the needs of today’s woman’s active lifestyle from every activity from “yoga to pilates” and in every setting from the office to dinner.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Not Afraid of Amazon

For any company, let alone an apparel supplier, to say they are not afraid of Amazon means something. Amazon has comfortably been sitting on 20 percent of the e-commerce sales in that space for years, and they usually have nothing to fear. Things might be changing for Amazon as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown in only a few years to scoop up over $250 million in active-wear sales in the same arena niche. The company appears to be growing year to year, and utilizing a sales process that has not been seen in this space as of yet.


Hudson was asked to expand on the process by which her customers are shopping and exploding the bottom-line of the company. Hudson says that a unique combination of reverse showrooming and a membership platform are the keys, and it really has women around the country wanting more. Take a look at any of the Fabletics retail stores in the mall, and you will discover it is unlike any other shopping experience. Women are allowed to try on anything they like, window-shop, grab a free membership, and take a Lifestyle Quiz, with zero pressure to make a purchase.


With no pressure to buy, how did this athleisure brand reach $250 million in sales?


Simple, women will eventually return to the Fabletics website when they have time, and this no-pressure and relaxed atmosphere allows them to really grab what they need. Since these consumers have tried on the merchandise in the retail store, all those items are in the online profile where the customer can buy, shop, or browse for more items based on the size they know fits them perfectly. Unlike when they shop at Amazon and have to wait until the active-wear is in their hands to know if it fits, shoppers at Fabletics already know exactly how the clothing fits.


As a member of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, shoppers visit the online store and enjoy free shipping, lower pricing, and no questions asked returns. Part of the reason shoppers take the lifestyle Quiz is to enjoy the assistance of a Fabletics personal shopping assistant once a month. The shopper will choose a new piece of workout apparel based on quiz answers and items purchased or tried on, place it in the cart, and the shopper can decide to buy or reject the offer. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is poised to take on the Amazon giant and win in this very competitive space.