Daniel Taub on the state of Middle East crisis

When Daniel Taub was appointed as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom, he knew that he had been tasked with responsibility of representing his ” adopted” country in a country where he was born.

Daniel Taub was appointed to represent Israel in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub was born in 1962, in the United Kingdom but had moved to Israel in 1989.

Daniel Taub had the task of making sure that the interests of Israel and the Middle East were clearly outlined in the western countries. London offered a platform for Daniel Taub to explain the situation in the Middle East to the whole world.

London is a global media centers and therefore offered him a platform to communicate virtually to the whole world.

During his tenure Daniel Taub took time to describe the crises situation in the Middle East to the whole world. Daniel Taub says there is a need that the world concentrated on the positive things that are happening in the region instead of just focusing on the crisis being witnessed in the region.

Daniel Taub explains that the cooperation that is being witnessed between the United Kingdom and Israel have been realized at a time when the Middle East have been full of crises emanating from Iran, Gaza and ISIS. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.com/ and http://www.everipedia.com/editor/dtaub/

Daniel Taub explains that there is a silver lining even as the whole crisis continues. He says that Israeli have established good relation with some of the countries in the middle east regions, he gives the classic case of peace treaties that have been signed between Israel and some of her neighbors that include Egypt and Jordan.

These are treaties that have been obeyed by the parties involved even during times of crisis.

According to Daniel Taub, there is also growing silent cooperation between Israeli some of the neighbors such as Jordan Egypt and Saudi Arabia, although there is no formal agreements between these countries, they have shown interests that coincide with those of Egypt. There is hope that someday the Middle East crises will be settled once and for all.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in England. He studied international law and have been one of the leading peace envoys leading Israel in its conflicts resolutions the Middle East.

After moving to Israel in 1989, he joined the Israeli defense Forces where he worked as a medic officer as well as a reserve law officer in the international law division of the forces.

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