Sheldon Lavin Left The Financial Sector And Became a Major Force in the Meat Industry

Sheldon Lavin has been a key player in the meat, and food processing industries for many years. As the CEO, many of his accomplishments have been linked to the OSI Group. This includes the subsidiaries of OSI Industries, and OSI International foods. Although he was both an outsider, and a novice when he first entered the food industry, he is now an undisputed expert in the field. In the past, he worked in financing, and banking. He had a career as an executive, and a financial consulting firm.

Sheldon Lavin was drawn into the meat industry in 1970, while working as a financial consultant. This was when he encountered a company called Otto & Sons. Mr. Otto ran his business with his two sons, and the McDonalds corporation offered an excellent opportunity he did not have enough money to secure. Mr. Otto wanted to become their hamburger supplier for the Midwest. The only way to make this happen, was to find a valid financial solution. Sheldon Lavin received a request from the bank asking him to take over the ownership of Mr. Otto’s business, but he turned them down. Instead, he chose to serve Otto & Sons as a financial consultant, instead of a partner in business and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.

By the year 1975, Sheldon Lavin had become immersed in the Otto & Sons business. This began when the owners started looking overseas for investments. This led to Sheldon Lavin’s decision to become a partner in the business. Mr. Otto had already decided he was ready to retire, so he partnered with his two sons. This resulted in the business changing names, and it eventually become the OSI Group. The company has seen a lot of growth since then, and has been established in Europe, the Philippines, India, Japan, Australia, North America, Africa and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

Sheldon Lavin is still a key factor in the OSI Group’s expansion, even though he is 81 now. His efforts have helped make the company the world’s largest protein supplier, and his determination for growth resulted in 55 facilities, throughout 16 countries. Sheldon Lavin hold a Finance and Accounting degree from his days working in the field. His business acumen has resulted in him being honored with several awards. Through his active philanthropy, Sheldon Lavin has made contributions to a lot of charities including the Jewish United Fund, the United Negro College Fund, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Inner City Foundation, and the Evans Scholarship Fund and resume him.

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