Securus Technologies is Dedicated to Achieving a Secure World

The experience of inmates and people manning correctional facilities becomes easier with the right technology in place. Several companies provide such solutions, but Securus Technologies tops them. The firm is dedicated to innovating secure, affordable, reliable, and easy to use modern civil and criminal technological solutions. Since its inception in the year 1986, Securus Technologies has supplied over 3400 public safety facilities with its products that have helped more than 1.2 million inmates. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the firm leads the industry in North America.




Some of the products that have revolutionized the correctional facilities experience from Securus Technologies include communication, monitoring, emergency response, verification and incident management among others. The clients at the firm are treated to excellent customer service all around the clock that provides help whenever difficulties arise. The experts at the firm, including engineers, designers, and technologists are all committed to ensuring that quality products are released to the market. Securus Technologies has so far achieved to keep inmates connected to their loved ones, facilities updated with useful information and to show leads in investigations among other achievements.


Client Reviews


Securus Technologies is built on strong customer value, which is why the firm has become a favorite for many people. The delighted customers often send feedback to the company stating their experiences. One client noted using the firm’s tracking solutions to track calls of an employee who had introduced contraband to the business. The service had also been used in a case where an inmate was coaching his sibling on answers to give regarding a crime. The information gotten from the calls was useful apprehending the suspects. Another client applauded the staff at Securus for helping him use the covert alert feature during an ongoing investigation. The monitoring services have also been helpful to apprehend inmates for illegal cell phones, drugs, and alcohol consumption, and selling.


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