Toronto Canada’s Dr. Cameron Clokie is a Dental Renaissance Man

Regenerative Medicine utilizing stem cells may be the closest that medicine will ever come to finding a panacea. Still, the use of stem cells has its detractors. Making regenerative medicine more palatable to the nay sayers is one of the challenges faced by forwarding thinking physicians like Toronto Canada’s Dr. Cameron Clokie.

According to Crunchbase, Dr. Clokie has long been an advocate of regenerative medicine. At long last others are beginning to see the wisdom in the thinking of Dr. Clokie and other clinicians like him.

In 1985 Dr. Clokie received a Doctorate in Dental Surgery from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In 1990 McGill University, Montreal, Quebec awarded him a Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. From 1998 until his retirement from teaching in 2017 Dr. Clokie served as a Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Toronto.

Clokie has worked for a number of companies as a scientific advisor. On the subject of bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine, Dr. Clokie has published multiple papers and lectured around the world. His expertise in that area has garnered him 25 U.S. and international patents or pending patents.

Peter Russel is an example of the kind of promise that regenerative medicine and Dr. Clokies theories hold. In 2003 a benign tumor caused Mr. Russel to lose 7 centimeters of his jaw bone. In two years the missing bone had regenerated itself thanks to a method developed by Dr. Clokie. During the procedure that made the regrowth possible Dr. Clokie employed a protein that causes stem cells to grow into bone tissue.

The procedure only took four hours. There was the only nominal scarring only a two-day hospitalization required and in two weeks Peter Russel was back on the ski slopes.

Currently, Dr. Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics. The companies focus is on regenerative medicine as it applies to developing new methods of musculoskeletal reconstruction.

To try and reduce Dr. Cameron Clokie’s accomplishments in dentistry, academia, research, and business to 350 words is almost to do them an injustice. For more information visit and download his Curriculum Vitae (CV).

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