Kim Dao Visits Kobe For The First Time

Kim Dao is in Kobe, Japan. She has never been there before. They plan on going to Chinatown and site see around Kobe for the day. Kim Dao records some of Chinatown and the stores. She has some food. She has a nice walk along the bay area. She is heading back to the station. She is now on the train. She goes near Kobe University to look at the view. She is going to a cafe to have a break and relax. She is tired from walking up and down the hills. She gets a drink from the vending machine. She is at the Rokko Cable Car place waiting for a ride. She takes the Rokko Cable Car to Mount Rokko. Kim Dao arrive there and enjoy the scenery. She takes a break and drinks a hot milk tea. She is back at the station waiting for a train. Kim Dao has dinner. Learn more:


Kim Dao is now back home. She had dinner with her family and talked for a long time. Kim Dao mentioned it was fun for her friends to meet them. They wanted to go to the sky building but they didn’t go because they were too tired. The traveling has been taking much of her energy. They decided to come home earlier than they have been lately. Kim Dao plans on going site seeing with her friend tomorrow. She is about to shower and do some work before going to bed.


Check out her video here.


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