Whitney Wolfe Covers A Lot Of Ground

Whitney Wolfe is doing some amazing things in the dating app industry. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to social media technology, and her Bumble company is expanding at a rapid rate.

Initially, people were looking at Bumble as a dating app company. As time has progresses people are beginning to see that Bumble is much more than that. This has become a company that is growing into a multi-faceted social media app company.

Whitney Wolfe is working on expanding her audience by creating Bumble Bizz which is an app platform that gives people the opportunity to network. At the other end of the spectrum she also has created a dating app call Bumble. In the middle of these two extremes she has even created Bumble BFF which allows people to build friendships through an app.

It appears that Whitney Wolfe is covering all grounds when it comes to building her app base. Her audience is comprised of millions of young men and women that are looking for different things. There are going to be some singles that are excited about Bumble because it is free and it allows them to get with other people that are interested in building relationships. There is a new crowd that will embrace Bumble because of Bumble BFF and the concept of friendship building. It is obvious that Bumble will be a very innovative part of the app community because it tackles so many areas of social media.

More young adults have become impressed with the way that Bumble has transitioned from a dating app into different type of app platform. Women can appreciate this type of innovation that Whitney Wolfe brings to the table. She is the app leader that has continued to build an audience that really appreciates something new. Users are impressed with the fact that they have access to a different realm of relationship possibilities all through one app platform. They do not have to sign up for a multitude of socializing apps to get a chance to network, make friends and find dates.

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