José Auriemo Neto Leads JHSF to Success

JHSF is based in Sao Paulo. The regional operations are located in Manaus as well as Salvador. The interests of the Group are in areas such as Punta Del Este in Uruguay, besides Miami as well as New York in the United States. JHSF is dominating the real estate industry in Brazil in a significant manner. This company is focused on acquiring and managing besides developing luxury real estate properties. These include residences, hotels, besides shopping complexes, along with upscale restaurants besides the airport. Currently, José Auriemo Neto is serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF.

This company has four major specializations in its business. These include shopping malls, the Fasano Hotels, besides an Executive Airport, along with incorporations. The company is known for its strategic moves as it incorporates new as well as unexplored business opportunities. This is done by offering diverse operational techniques besides implementing solutions that are sustainable. JHSF is able to focus on all these aspects as the real estate market goes through a continuous revolution in the global scenario. This company is always coming up with cutting edge offerings to appeal to all the major players in the international markets.

JHSF has achieved immeasurable success in the real estate sector since its inception. This is why its retail branch has managed to sign partnerships with several prominent international fashion brands. These include Hermes, besides Jimmy Choo, as well as Gucci among others. Also, JHSF has initiates the launch of the first ever RED Valentino store in Brazil. This company used to be a privately held entity. In 2007 it launched an IPO that was highly successful.

José Auriemo Neto is looking after the operations of the buildings being developed by the company. He had joined JHSF in 1993. He moved through various leadership positions before being appointed as the Chairman and CEO of JHSF. He is also a Board Member of Fasano Hotels.

Under his able leadership, the company has reached the helm of success. He is able to identify opportunities and devise a business strategy to optimize maximum returns on any initiative.


Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz Caters to Customer’s Fashion Needs and Preferences

Brick and mortar clothing retail outlets have experienced serious declines in the wake of consumer purchasing migrations to online giants such as Price conscious customers are able to use stores to try on the outfits that they purchase at large discounts from web-based retailers.


By tightly coupled integration between its retail outlets and eCommerce store, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics makes effective, competitive use of reverse showrooming. The internet-based athleisure wear startup offers a unique, high-quality product-line supported by profile-based, personalized fashion technologies.


New members fill out a Lifestyle Quiz that matches their responses with the company’s offerings best suited to their needs. Members receive several benefits proportional to the level of their profile completion. Promotional offerings, a personal monthly boutique newsletter and styles matched to the member’s tastes and preferences are only a few of the benefits available to quiz completers.


When a member walks into one of Fabletics’ retail stores, the mobile application takes note of the outfits that the customer tries on to offer a non-invasive reminder to the customer at a later time. With between 30 and 50 percent of customers entering one of the stores already being a member, customers experience a sense of strong matching between their preferences and the selections that they are recommended.


Hudson states that because of the way that the Fabletics purchasing works, that it makes no difference whether the customer buys the item in the store or from their website.


General manager, Gregg Throgmartin points out that it is the firm’s membership model that enables them to deliver personalized offerings and latest trends and fashion styles to their customers at less than one-half the price of their competitors.


This technique has worked well for this new online fashion retailer.


In the slightly more than 3 years since it was founded, Fabletics membership has grown to over 1.2 million and is increasing daily. The company’s highly-effective membership-based sales strategy has been responsible for its recent revenue growth of 43 percent. This year the firm anticipates upwards of $250 million in sales.


Fabletics expects to add 12 additional retail outlets to its 22 in California, Florida, Hawaii and Illinois.




Fabletics was founded n 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson. The online clothing retailer offers outstanding-quality activewear to support the needs of today’s woman’s active lifestyle from every activity from “yoga to pilates” and in every setting from the office to dinner.


Equities First Holdings: The Financial Company with an Expertise in Investment Advisory

Equities First Holdings is a financial company that aims at offering their clients some of the best services in the financial sector. The company mainly focuses on investment advisory and offers their customers a wide range of services that they can use to secure their financial positions. The company tries its best to cover almost every array of the financial sector so that whatever their customers come to them for, they are well taken care of, and their needs are met. The company also provides its clients some financial and loan options, and also stock trading analysis and expertise. The company has a large number of investment advisors that are properly trained to analyze the financial situation of the clients who come to them and tries to offer them solutions which would fit their needs well. The company believes in providing a personalized service to all its customers, which is also why they have risen to such a high up position in the field of finance and read full article.

The company has a broad range of clients, coming from different backgrounds like banking, law and even advertising. The company works with clients from within the country, and those coming from outside as well. When the company first opened its doors for business, it went by the name of Meridian Equity Partners Limited. The company then underwent a transition and changed its name to Equities First Holdings. With a team of expert individuals leading the charge, the company upped its game to become a force to be reckoned with in the financial sector.

The company takes pride in being as big as it is and constantly tries to improve their services to keep up with the demands of the clients that come to them. Their constant need to develop is also one of the reasons why the company has progressed so much in the sector. Because of how well the company has been doing in the past few years, they are set to expand their reach to locations outside the country as well, to give their clients coming from other nations an easier way to access them and avail of the services that they have to offer and what Equities First Holdings knows.

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Whitney Wolfe Covers A Lot Of Ground

Whitney Wolfe is doing some amazing things in the dating app industry. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to social media technology, and her Bumble company is expanding at a rapid rate.

Initially, people were looking at Bumble as a dating app company. As time has progresses people are beginning to see that Bumble is much more than that. This has become a company that is growing into a multi-faceted social media app company.

Whitney Wolfe is working on expanding her audience by creating Bumble Bizz which is an app platform that gives people the opportunity to network. At the other end of the spectrum she also has created a dating app call Bumble. In the middle of these two extremes she has even created Bumble BFF which allows people to build friendships through an app.

It appears that Whitney Wolfe is covering all grounds when it comes to building her app base. Her audience is comprised of millions of young men and women that are looking for different things. There are going to be some singles that are excited about Bumble because it is free and it allows them to get with other people that are interested in building relationships. There is a new crowd that will embrace Bumble because of Bumble BFF and the concept of friendship building. It is obvious that Bumble will be a very innovative part of the app community because it tackles so many areas of social media.

More young adults have become impressed with the way that Bumble has transitioned from a dating app into different type of app platform. Women can appreciate this type of innovation that Whitney Wolfe brings to the table. She is the app leader that has continued to build an audience that really appreciates something new. Users are impressed with the fact that they have access to a different realm of relationship possibilities all through one app platform. They do not have to sign up for a multitude of socializing apps to get a chance to network, make friends and find dates.