Omar Boraie’s Boraie Development LLC Rebuilds New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is a visionary who for 40 years has seen the great potential in his local New Brunswick town. This has led Boraie to create the Boraie Development LLC which has had its detractors and disbelievers for many years, but that didn’t stop Boraie. He wanted to prove that New Brunswick deserved the best and that they were capable of supporting better infrastructure than many people thought possible. His latest project is a center called The Aspire which will be a luxury, high-rise apartment building of Boraei’s dreams come to fruition.

Boraie has led many development projects in a several-block area of New Brunswick that was once run down and dilapidated. So far, Boraie has constructed and remodeled 21+ buildings in the area and has his sights set on renovating and bringing back much more. Boraie has brought in massive retail outlets, offices, a BBQ & dog walking park, a new parking garage, and now an incredible high-rise apartment complex. Boraie credits the people who stood by and believed in him through all trials and tribulations that his projects have gone through for helping him make them a reality today.

Omar Boraie is himself the founder of the company Boraie Development LLC which is a real estate company that has built all of the new buildings going up on that block in New Brunswick. The team focuses on all aspects of real estate including development, property management, and sales/marketing. The team builds spectacular properties that are meant to meet the needs of the clients while also providing the customers with unprecedented services and working to deadlines to ensure projects are completed on time.

According to NY Times, Boraie also has developed strong relationships with his company and real estate brokers, architects with visions to help design the buildings, and contractors that know how to finish buildings by the deadlines set in place. The Boraie company focuses mainly on urban development and building up cities and suburbs such as they have done in the New Brunswick project. The Boraie Development LLC is interested in providing an entire real-estate experience to their customers while all under one roof. This means that Omar Boraie does not want customers having to scuttle around to find businesses to manage all the different aspects of the project. He wants his company to be able to do that alone! What the company can’t do on their own they reach out to architects to do. This means they have relationships built with outside companies already. That leaves the customer to not have to do that work, but rather the company does it.

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